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Accounting Outsourcing and Other Related Services

We perform all or some financial and/or managerial accounting functions at your business entity (group). 

The set of our services can include:

At the same time, you, as a customer of our services, receive the following benefits:

Speed – fitted specially for you deadlines for the preparation of accounting data and reports

Cost savings ‒ expenses correspond to the volume of processed data by our staff. There is no need to pay for idle time of own accounting staff, whose work is required only during peak or occasional periods. Instead, during peak periods we have the opportunity to find additional resources quickly

Quality – due to the high qualification and motivation of our staff, you receive accounting services from the best representatives of the profession.  It will be not easy for your company to find such personnel

Responsibility ‒ we accept the responsibilities of the entity's chief accountant and sign all relevant legal documents. In case of penalty accrual done by the State Fiscal Services of Ukraine due to our fault, we compensate the damage to the client at the expense of an insurance policy covering our responsibility to the client in the amount of up to UAH 10,000,000.