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Our Company Anniversary

On September 24, 2001 ‒ exactly 20 years ago, Audit Firm MTD Audit was created!

The anniversary of the company is a holiday when one understands how much has already been done and how much remains to be done. For more than 20 years, we have worked hard every day to support the well-being and success of our clients.

Our company, managed by Viktoriia Biriuchenko, engages real professionals. All our employees work as a united team that always plays hard ‒ because each of us loves the job. So, we look to the future with optimism.

We would like to wish ourselves that each following year of successful work to bring our company to a higher level ‒ for us to attract new audit and consulting clients and to assist to the business development of existing clients.

We hope that high productivity, coordinated actions, responsibility, enthusiasm, focusing and high ambitions will always be rewarded with high incomes, stable development and gratitude of our clients.