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Accounting outsourcing

We take all or part of the functions of accounting and / or management accounting of your company (group). The complex of our services includes:
Complete cycle of the company accounting activities according to the norms of the Ukrainian legislation and corporate customer requirements
Performance of individual tasks that require considerable work, expertise and high qualification from the company accounting service
Preparation of financial statements in accordance with national GAAP or international accounting standards / financial reporting or customer’s internal corporate standards
Organization and fulfillment of company assets inventory
Recovery of enterprise accounting records for a specific reporting period
Payroll outsourced
Performance of internal control (audit) to verify the completeness and quality of recording enterprise business transactions

At the same time, you as a Customer of our services receive the following benefits:
Speed – preparation of accounting data and reports in accordance with the specifics of your company data in real acceptable terms
Cost - corresponds to the volume handled by our staff specialists. No need to pay for idle time of accounting staff, work is only required during peak periods or occasionally. Additional resources can be provided quickly in peak periods of work.
Quality – due to high qualification and motivation of our staff, you get the accounting services from the best representatives of the profession. It will not be easy to find such a staff for your company
Responsibility - we take on the chief accountant signature. In the case of our fault penalties are charged by the fiscal service authorities indemnified by us to the client at the expense of the insurance policy covering our responsibility to the client in the amount of up to UAH 500 thousand.

Minimum monthly price is from UAH 8 thousand for an outsourcing payroll project, from UAH 8 thousand for a complex of services on conducting accounting and / or preparation of reporting package.

The exact cost of services is calculated based on our hourly rates and the actual work performed by our staff.