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Audit of financial statements

We undertake the audit of financial statements and other tasks to provide assurance in accordance with the decision of the APU dated 22.12.2011 "About a list of services that auditors (audit firms) can provide" and the requirements of international auditing standards, namely:
Statutory or voluntary audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with the appropriate conceptual basis (acc. to IFRS / US GAAP / P(S)A, etc.)
Other tasks of providing confidence - for example, review of financial statements at the request of the owners (shareholders, customers, creditors, etc.)

Voluntary audit is different from statutory audit as it is conducted due to the decision of the services customer, rather than the regulatory requirements. We specialize exactly in voluntary audit and other tasks not related to the statutory audit. The initiative may come from the owners or other interested parties such as potential buyers of business, creditors, suppliers, parent company management, etc.

In this case, the main goal of our work is professional and truthful answers to the customer's questions about the financial condition and management system of the company. The variety of emerging issues can be grouped into the following areas:
Financial condition. Financial condition of the company, actual financial results achieved and above all the company competition position, whether it can generate profit margins comparable to its competitors.
Risks. Risks threatening the company operations, both external and internal ones, the way to minimize their impact. Condition of the company internal control, budgeting and managerial accounting, their effectiveness and efficiency;
Random check of individual aspects of work. Verification (confirmation) of completeness and accuracy of accounts of certain types of assets and operations. For example, inventory of stocks, fixed assets or current assets. Checking the completeness and correctness of the information classification of cash flows in a group of companies, etc.

Our company has 15 years of experience in the audit market and a professional team of auditors with many years of experience in auditing financial statements prepared by P(S)A standards, IFRS, US GAAP.

We practice professional judgment and professional skepticism in the approach to all issues of checks and carry out all stages of the audit following the instructions and the requirements of international auditing standards.

The audit costs for your company can be determined only after the negotiation phase with the customer and receiving the audit job in compliance with all the requirements of ISA 210 standard. Agreement of the audit tasks conditions.